UPperclass Clothing Co. was conceived and born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in 2016, and now travels the country in a 1972 Volkswagen Bus named Jobu. We love traveling and spreading the love that's wrapped up in our clothing. 

It all started when David Pratt began applying techniques learned in art school to hand dyed clothing. These techniques are known as woodcut printmaking, a 2,000 year old printing process. 

If you aren't familiar (don't worry, many people aren't), this is the process of carving an image into a block of wood (by hand), rolling it with ink, and pressing it into an object. Traditionally this technique is performed on paper, but we have since adapted it for clothing and streetwear. 

Our goal is to inspire adventure, creativity, and wanderlust. Get out and do something, make something, go somewhere.

Much LOVE,

UPperclass Clothing Co. - More Adventure per Capita